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2003 toyota camry 2003 toyota camry
2003 toyota camry 2003 toyota camry
2003 toyota camry 2003 toyota camry
2003 toyota camry 2003 toyota camry
    2003 Toyota Camry Review, RMiller

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Toyota Camry SE V6

 ModelToyota Camry SE V6
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Brake Pedal goes down too far. Very scary when you read the number of complaints about the brakes on this vehicle. When you press down on the gas, there is a pause before the power comes in. On one occasion, pressed the gas to the floor after making a slow turn to the right and the car just stalled out for nearly three seconds before engaging a lower gear and beginning to accelerate. Had a V6 at 200HP in another manufacturers vehicle, so we CAN compare. Camry has a V6 and 210 HP. The Camry is far short in performance to a very similar vehicle primarily because it always pauses before it goes.
Visibility from side mirrors leaves very large blind spots. Car is hell to drive when you want to change lanes in traffic. You simply can't see very well and blind spots are huge both left ande right.
 General comments?Overall, fit and finish are good and a good looking vehicle. When you press the gas an little or a lot, there is a pause, sometimes as long as 3 seconds before the car responds. Can be dangerous. Dealer says that if the "Check Engine" light is not lit, nothing is wrong with the car. Offers to let us drive the car with a technician. However, other complaints found on net indicate that Toyota thinks the brake problems and the acceleration problem is a design problem and they can do nothing. So far, Toyota local and national personal tell me they know nothing about brake and acceleration problems. What a crock!
 Previous carMercury Sable 1999 200 HP V6. Much more performance than the Camry.

Review 2003 Toyota Camry RMiller
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