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1996 toyota camry 1996 toyota camry
1996 toyota camry 1996 toyota camry
1996 toyota camry 1996 toyota camry
1996 toyota camry 1996 toyota camry
1996 toyota camry 1996 toyota camry
1996 toyota camry 1996 toyota camry
    1996 Toyota Camry Review, Sean, From Concord, NC

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Toyota Camry

 ModelToyota Camry
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Don't be fooled by Toyota quality or service. Bought the Camry specifically for a car that would need only basic maintenance, I don't have time to read magizines in a garage! First, the breaks have stayed in good condition, but the emergency brake does not work and never has. Also you have the pesky problem that the brakes sometimes do not take even on dry surfaces. Nothing like haveing to let off and re-step on breaks in heavy traffic. The 4cyl engine is excessively week and roars when getting out into traffic(Compared to my mom's Nissan Sentra!). Get a v6 but be prepaired to pay. The timeing belt failed after 40k. Have had FOUR sets of tires on this thing. I know I drive a bit rough at times, but come on that is why I by higher quality tires! After the second set, I had a non-Toyota specialist check out the situation and found that the wheel mounts and assembly were improperly installed and of poor quality. This meant that I would need constant reallignment or fix for about $2500. Toyota, when confronted, agreed with assessment but would not fix it (With the warrenty in effect - I had not gotten my oil changed at their facility!) Car constantly bottoms out on any incline (pulling into the driveway)Paint easily chips and is fading but not uniformly.Interior quality mediocre. The dask seals worked their way out over time. The back seat failed and splotched. Looks like someone spilt something, when I know no one has.Audio system very week.As far as service from the dealer, forget it because they will forget you. I have been to FIVE different Toyota Dealers and all were the same, will try not to honor warrenty and claim nothing is wrong even when the car has obvous problems. Now get local Nissan place to do work, no problems.I could go on, but why be petty.
 General comments?Would not recommend Toyota Camry of any year. Rented a 2000 and it had obvious quality issues. Toyota may have been king of quality and reliability once, but complacency is starting to take over. Remind anyone of the US 'Big Three' from the 80's. If you go Toyota, be wary and do not rely on their history to insure quality.
 Previous carHonda Accord, Nissan Sentra, Ford Contour, Ford Tarus. All of these were better, though some not by much.

Review 1996 Toyota Camry Sean, From Concord, NC
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