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1994 toyota camry 1994 toyota camry
1994 toyota camry 1994 toyota camry
1994 toyota camry 1994 toyota camry
1994 toyota camry 1994 toyota camry
1994 toyota camry 1994 toyota camry
1994 toyota camry 1994 toyota camry
    1994 Toyota Camry Review, John Peterson

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1994 Toyota Camry LE

 Model1994 Toyota Camry LE
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Four cylinder is under-powered especially in high-stress urban driving
Dealer service
Camrys are over-priced
 General comments?We leased a 1994 Toyota Camry LE (4 cylinder) for 3 years. We had rented this
car when it first came out in 1992. The Camry was a revelation--extraordinary quality with a lot of room in a mid-size vehicle. Unfortunately, owning one was not the same experience.

We were most disappointed in the dealer service of the Camry. It was expensive and they tried to load extra services on a new car just in for an oil change. They were dishonest and damaged our car when it was in for service. This was corrected when I threatened the service manager.

The four cylinder Camry is under-powered when the car is full. We rented a 2000
LE and found this was still true (quality
of the interior had declined since the '94 though). We had a couple of reliability problems in our 31,500 miles. What really bothered me was that there was a manufacturing defect in the car. The carpet was tan and had a 18 inch
ORANGE spot under the driver's seat. This was not apparent when the seat was all the way back. When my wife drove it, you could see it. Of course, the dealer wouldn't do anything, let alone Toyota.

The car was overpriced and over-rated for what it was. A V-6 was about $4000 more and may have been much better, although at
quite a price.

We had the very expensive ABS option (over $1000) and the brakes were exceptionally good. It also came with better tires with this option. Our 2000 rental did not have this option and was much the inferior car to the older one (not to mention being an uglier design).
The Camry was pretty good in snow and superb in wet weather. Our biggest problem was that we were rear-ended three times because the car could stop in much shorter distances than most anything else.
There was no damage as the rear bumper for that year was exceptionally strong. Bet that's not true anymore.

Interior was comfortable with firm solid seats. Color combinations were a little strange on some of the panels. Trunk very large for this size car.
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Review 1994 Toyota Camry John Peterson
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