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1989 toyota camry 1989 toyota camry
1989 toyota camry 1989 toyota camry
1989 toyota camry 1989 toyota camry
1989 toyota camry  
    1989 Toyota Camry Review, J.R. In Houston, Tx

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175k Miles And Still Makin A Name For Camry / Camry

 What things have gone wrong with the car?The timing is off a little but that just needs some tweeking and my passenger C/V joint went out about 100 miles ago but its all good now. I got it from my grandma and she used up all the a/c that camry had to offer. So I need a new a/c compressor which I found for like $75 and a new B speedometer cable. The windows roll down slower than I like, and it idles real rough but that will be fixed by tweeking it. I replaced the catalitic converter when I heard a buzzing noise. The suspention needs some attention because if i take a little bump more than like 15mph then the tires slam into the wheel well. And the running board looking things, outside under the doors came loose. They were just making wind resistance so I took them off and it just hase a cleaner look now. And what I am guessing is the chrome appearance package is slowly chipping away and the nose peice above the grill finds every peice of rock that flies through the air. 3rd gear slip out of gear somtimes but no biggy.
 General comments?Whats up with the camry haveing two speedometer cables? If it was for a back-up then it dont work. I plan on relocating the running lights to the turn signals so I can make a scoop to fit there for a turbo booster. And there is no room for and intercooler in there anyways so I dont know what my next step is.
 Engine and transmission16 valve DOHC engine and its a standard
 Performance1/4 mile in 14.5sec. not too bad
 Reliabilityvery good
 Comfortnot in the back seat
 DealerAlmeada Toyota
 Most recent distance30 miles
 Previous car'97 Geo Tracker LX but was totaled by stupid neighbor
 First year of ownership2004
 Most recent year of ownership2005

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