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Reliable is the first word comes to my mind to summarize my Camry. I'v been driving this car long and hard. Bought new in 1997, now it has 125k miles on it. During the entire 125k, not a single breakdown.

Ride quality is acceptable, Quiet, Engine has little noise, but little power too (see below). Instruments are intuitive and easy to access.


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CTA / Toyota unveils the new Camry 2007 in Jordan

Toyota Camry
Central Trade and Auto Co. (CTA), Toyota dealer in Jordan, unveiled the Camry 2007 during a press conference held in the city of Aqaba.

The conference was part of a test drive program that took off from the company's headquarters in Amman to Aqaba and back where journalists tested the new features and options of the Camry 2007 to gauge its prowess, performance, and economy in fuel consumption.

'The launch of the Toyota Camry 2007 today comes to underline our commitment to provide the best automobiles for our customers. It is also another positive step in line with our marketing plans to support the Toyota name in Jordan,' CTA President George Haddad said.

With the introduction of the new generation Camry, Toyota achieves further success for its chart topper brand, solidifying its leading position in the automobile world as the car of choice among its category for so many people worldwide,' Haddad further added.

Haddad elaborated by saying that the Camry 2007 enjoys more than just power and smooth performance, as it also has an adventurous design and more muscular look that broke the conservative mold of similar extravagant cars. Furthermore, the car proved to be extremely fuel efficient during the test drive when three Camry cars were filled with gas in Amman and driven all the way down to Aqaba where petrol consumption was then measured, achieving an average of 16.8 kilometer/liter; 20 liters for 336 kilometers.

The pleasure that the Camry offers relates to its looks only and also extends to the drive experience it offers as it promises a smooth and thrilling driving on the roads. Furthermore, the car's interior design insulates any noise and its room has space and comfort.

The press conference included a presentation delivered by General Manager of Maintenance Center/CTA where he explained to the journalists the new developments that were incorporated in the new generation of the car. The 6th Generation Camry has gone through many upgrades such as the automobile's interior and exterior design, making it different from the previous model and giving it a rounder and youthful look. With eight airbags and an advanced braking system, the car is a further testament to Toyota's commitment towards safety.

The automobile is currently available in a 2.4 liter engine and a 5 speed automatic transmission, helping to achieve the optimum balance between speed, power and economic fuel consumption. The suspension system in the Camry gives it further stability and safety. Moreover, the presentation discussed many other features of the Camry such as the air conditioning system, which automatically adapts to the temperature of the room.

'We hope to have given a clear understanding of how magnificent the Camry is. We are delighted of its launch in the Jordanian market, confident that it will shine among its competitors within the same category,' Haddad concluded.

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CTA / Toyota unveils the new Camry 2007 in Jordan
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